Monday, 2 December 2013

Hard Times

This album was almost completed on time!

We decided to spend the months of July and August recording the album, with the intention of  getting it manufactured when we went on our summer break at the end of August.

Chris and I set down the basic rhythms tracks for each song, which I then built up into the full recording by layering guitars, mandolins, voices and fretless bass. I'm pleased with how smoothly the project went, but when I listened to the first master I realised that I'd missed a couple of instruments off. Nothing that the untrained ear wouldn't notice, but we noticed and that had to be changed. So we missed our first deadline.

We finally sent the master copy and artwork off in mid-November and copies are now winging their way to radio stations and magazines across the UK. This is my first release in "digipack" format and I think it looks great (and sounds great too!) It will be available on iTunes etc just before Christmas.

Here's the back cover

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